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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jason Beymer's Balls-Out Fifty Dollar Giveaway Contest

Okay, I've dusted off the big guns. This contest just went nuclear.

Ho, ho, ho! I'm giving away one $50 Amazon Gift Card. That's fifty whole bucks you can spend on friends and family. 'Cause the Holidays are a time to think about others. Right? YEAH RIGHT! Use the money to sweeten up your Kindle, trade it in for 5000 pennies, or buy yourself somethin' nice (like Rogue's Curse, for example. I'm just saying…)

My editor for Rogue's Curse, Adrien-Luc Sanders is putting up most of the jack (Visit his blog here). Why are we doing this? Because both of us believe in the book and want you to buy it. And…well, you know…we like the attention.

Entering the contest is easy. We want to give away this money, so qualifying requires minimal effort on your part:

STEP ONE: If you haven't already, connect with me on one of these social sites (the links will take you there):

"Follow me" or "Become a Fan" or "Add my Book", or "Friend" me (or whatever else you want to do). If you've already done this in the past, you're halfway there! Proceed to Step Two.

STEP TWO: Leave a comment here. Say howdy, or something. Or...maybe tell people why they should buy Rogue's Curse? (again, I'm just saying...)

On Wednesday, December 22, I'll draw the winner's name from a highly technical and complicated lottery mechanism. Then I'll reveal the winner and email the gift card.

Yay, technology!

Please spread the word.


  1. I'm you're fan/friend/follower in all those places! Can I still be entered?

  2. Howdy! But, gee, I was expecting a TV would be the prize. Or at least a case of beer. Just sayin'.

    (I'm now following your blog. The pressure is on -- entertain me!)

  3. So excited! need to do SOME holiday shopping

  4. Hi there you cursing rogue you! Oh wait, wrong guy. Oops. Here's hoping your book sales go crazy!

  5. I'd rather sell $50-worth of my own book, By A Thread, but I'll take your 50!

  6. I read the excerpt about your book, it really looks like an interesting read.

    I am following on GFC-judy
    I follow twitter@ladymagnolia99

    Your prize is great!! Thanks for the opportunity to try and win it!

  7. I'm debating whether or not I should RT the contest 'cause I really want to win!!! I will even buy RC2 with it if I win, 'cause I'm cool like that!! Or maybe I'll buy RC for someone else..... 'Cause everyone needs a clovort to shake a stick at... Er... That didn't come out right...

    To everyone who has not read ROGUE'S CURSE: Buy it and read it now (unless you have a health condition that would be exacerbated by rolling on the floor laughing your @$$ off for hours on end. If that is the case, do NOT read this book!!!)

  8. Hey Jason. I'm still annoyed at you for what you did to my favorite character in your book. Now log in to WoW and level your damn rogue!

  9. Hi Jason, I'm already your friend/follower on all those websites :)
    It's a fab contest! Great prize :)

  10. Hey, Jason: I like beer, I like TV, and I like $50 Amazon gift cards. Since I'm in the liking mood, chances are I'll like your book, too. I'll let you know! Thanks for the fun contest. Sophia

  11. Hey there. Fantastic contest! I follow you on twitter :)

  12. Wow, great contest! I sent you a friend request on Goodreads.
    Thanks again!

  13. I want 50 amazon bucks! I did the facebook and twitter stuff. I posted a link to your book some where once. I deserve this free money.

  14. Hi Jason, We're already friends on Goodreads. I hope you'll post about how this promotion went - either here or at Lyrical. (Yes, I'm another Lyrical author - TimeSplash, fast-paced time travel adventure, published earlier this year, available on special offer from the Lyrical Press bookshop. I'm just saying.)

    As for Rogue's Curse, everyone who reads this should buy a copy AT ONCE because its author is such a kind and generous person and gives away money.

  15. Your book looks awesome!!
    Best of luck to you!! :)

  16. Hey, Jason. I already follow you on Twitter (I'm @FutureNostalgic) and have just Friended you on Facebook. Your book looks awesome, just my kind of story.

  17. Hi. I live in Texas, where it is warm. I have two cats and one turtle. We have lots of shelves and promise to take care care of your book.

    Your pal,


    Scary Carrie

    ps: Dude, I'm kidding. I'd love to know how your promotion goes as well.

  18. Jason, I already stalk you on all the social networks.

    Everyone needs to buy Jason's book. Even if you don't read it, buy it anyway. Display it in a prominent spot. Tell your friends. Tell all the neighbors, even the ones you don't like. Make a sign and hang it in your car window. Don't miss out. Seriously, what are you waiting for? :)

  19. Hey Jason,

    I have been meaning to pick up a copy of your book and looks like this upcoming holiday break will be the perfect time.

    - David

  20. this is Jin-Mee.
    and I better get this gift card or else.

  21. Great contest! I'll follow you on twitter. I think you are already following me.

  22. Just took a peek at your book over at Amazon, and now I'm going to have to read it. The description was quite good, and the reviews really pushed me over the top. I will be purchasing your book!

  23. Hi! New follower on Twitter/Facebook. Thanks for this contest. *fingers crossed*

  24. Well, I already have a TV. And I don't like beer. But I'm expecting the fat guy in the red suit to bring me a Kindle. Your book sounds like the perfect way to start filling it up. Just sayin'.

    Twitterized, Facebooked, and you're on probation on Goodreads.

  25. I still think you should publish Tantalia's shipping incident. That was classic!!

    Saffie ;-)

  26. **** sheeping incident, not shipping... Stupid iphone

  27. Hi Jason! Congrats on the novel. The cover looks intriguing as does the description. I wish you much success.

    I now follow you on
    1)Google Friend Connect - Lakisha
    2)Twitter - @kishazworld
    3)Facebook - kishazworld
    4)Goodreads - kishazworld/Lakisha Spletzer

  28. Hey Jason,

    You are awesome.

    -Bivek Wagle

  29. Hello and thanks for the contest. I'm following you on Twitter under mmzcreates.

  30. So awesome of you to do this!

    I'm a fan on Goodreads (jmanni32)
    I'm a Twitter follower (@jmanni32)
    And I follow here! (GFC - jmanni32)

    And if I win, I GUARANTEE you I'll buy Rogue's Curse (I'm just sayin').

  31. Gotcha covered on FB and Twitter. :) Always happy to follow more writers. :)

  32. Closed! I'll draw and post the winner later today.