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Monday, August 16, 2010

101-Word Stupor -- "Out of the Sea"

Keywords: Brie, Cadence, Metallic 

"Oh, hell, I'll tell ya," he says in a quick cadence, "Ain't never caught a fish this big. A-yup, it'll feed the little-uns for weeks. That fish come up singing. Singing. I spat out the brie Mary packed me soon as it smiled and winked. It had this long red hair, see? Long ass metallic-green flippers. Sang 'bout walkin' where people go, seein' things out of the sea. I just a' smiled and dumped it inside mah boat. When I got home, Mary slathered it with sweet butter. Damn thing squealed the whole time I deboned it. Here, have a bite."


  1. I made if at 101 this time! =]

    The cigarette burned slowly between Joanna’s index and middle fingers. Her elbow rested on the table and small quantities of ash snowed onto the cloth leaving behind evidence of her bad habit. She had yet to invest in an ash tray since she just picked up smoking again, but still, she found no reason to keep the house clean anymore. The flowers she received weren’t in any vases and were piled around the room. The milk expired and the refrigerator smelled like mold. The answering machine was full of people offering their condolences; however, Joanna refused to hear a single one.

  2. I REALLY like this story, Jin-Mee. But ~cough~ you didn't use any of the keywords. Still, it's good and I like it and damn it that's good enough.

  3. man, I'm not good at this stuff! siiiigh... I always miss the mark...

  4. Hey! Don't beat yourself up. This is really good. Honest.

  5. “If you want to see her again, alive, then you’ll do as I say.”

    The voice was tinny and metallic, as if it had been compressed incorrectly, but the message was clear.

    “Play it one more time.” Samantha said as she leaned in to the computer.

    She slabbed a slice of brie on a Ritz, and bit into it as the message finished.

    “The cadence is too similar. Think it could be used to match?”

    “Do you want to re-record it?”

    Samantha looked back at the girl, her mouth taped shut and hands bound with tie wraps.

    “No, it will do.”

  6. Jason, love your story!! Hilariously visual!!

    Here's mine:


    Her breathing had slowed to a measured cadence. The baked brie oozed onto her plate in a rapturous puddle of rosemary and grapes. She swirled her syrah, plunged her nose into her glass, and immersed herself into the metallic twinges of clove and cardamon and pluot. She raised her eyes, flecked with gold and copper, and looked across the table at the cerulean pools staring back at her. A swift but audible sigh escaped her lips. And for just a moment she felt exactly like Sleeping Beauty. Suddenly awakened. Suddenly blinded by a beautiful bright light. Suddenly thrust back into life.