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Monday, August 9, 2010

101-Word Stupor -- "A Good Human Spoiled"

Keywords: Marmalade, Potent, Hypnotic 

No, I'm not spoiling her. It's called love. It's not like your kid is any… Okay, yes, my pooky gets frisky with her pet humans. She named the first one Marmalade. Fitting since it went splat underneath my shoe. The second one lasted longer (thank goodness, considering what they cost), then it fell into some potent corn liquor, buoyed about in a hypnotic stupor, and pop! its bladder burst. I made pooky clean up the— Oh, piss off! She told me about your little monster… biting the heads off her humans; making them have sex with each other. That's just sick. 

Keyword Preview for Tomorrow: Bagel, Optometrist, District


  1. Disbelief sets in. His eyes dilate in a hypnotic gaze while his mind scrambles to grasp what he has just read.

    Just moments ago his day was like every other. The daily rag, his regular stool at the counter, two pieces of burnt toast, orange marmalade and several cups of Martha’s extremely potent coffee.

    He hadn’t looked at the paper, just mindlessly tossed in his coin and snatched it from the rack. He hadn’t seen the headline. His world had not yet changed. That was the last time he didn’t know that his brother, his older brother, Otis Redding, was dead.

  2. This is Jin-Mee =]
    Okay, I'll have a go...

    You see the trick is to know where to kick the dog. You’d want to kick it on the side of its head in order to make contact with the temple and you’ll get a quick-dead dog. Personally, I think steel-toed boots are a must, anything else may not be swift and hard enough and then you’d have to deal with a whimpering bitch. Some people may recommend that you break their legs so they don’t run away from you, I mean hell, the last thing you need is a whiney dog on the loose. But, in my experience, if you’re quick enough you won’t need to break their legs. It just makes a messier situation and it adds more steps to the process. I think that the fewer steps you have the less time it’ll take you to complete the task and I’m all about efficiency.


    Voulez-vous coucher avec mois ce soi? wails Lady Marmalade, as the strobe lights flash in epileptic waves of hypnotic bumps and grinds. [What does it even mean?] She twirls and raises her hands towards the exposed ceiling pipes. [The speaking French, that’s totally hot.] She shimmies her shoulders and runs her hands through her hair. [And she obviously wants to do him.] She shakes her head to the potent rhythm as the fog oozes onto the floor. [But she’s a hooker.] The stranger behind her thrusting his hips into her as she instinctively pushes back. [What’s so sexy about that?]

  4. oops that wasn't under 101 words... I failed =[

  5. Jin-Mee - Yeah, you exceeded 101 words. Naughty, naughty. But it's a solid story and that matters more. So keep posting! (See, I told you you were a writer!)

    Jo Anna - I think you've found your calling in flash fiction.