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Thursday, August 12, 2010

101-Word Stupor -- Frog Love

Keywords: Counterfeit, Frog, Dirigible 

"I ain't no good, Clara," one frog says to the other. "I only got one leg, and the other's all busted up. That chef in Louisiana… he almost got me. I watched my own leg get beer-battered. Christ. I'm drunk on tree sap most the time, lettin' teenage humans lick my back so they'll get higher than a… whatcha call it? Di-rig-ible? I sell counterfeit fireflies to tourist frogs, sprinklin' glitter on houseflies' wings to make them sparkle. Hell, Clara. I gotta make a livin'. Go find yourself a nice frog. I'm— Oh, come here. Give an old frog a kiss." 

Preview: Boisterous, Abracadabra, Golf 


  1. Randy sat on the floor, wheeling his shiny dirigible in an arms-length arc while I was crushed by wave after wave of disappointment. Months of planning, scheming, coveting… all wasted. I didn’t want a football. I didn’t want tinker toys, although I should accept some blame for putting that idea out there. I didn’t want a plush frog and I didn’t want new socks. I wanted an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Not a counterfeit one either, like the one Flick got, but the real deal!

    I was crushed.

    “What’s that in the corner? Behind the tree?”

  2. Nice homage, Brian. I hadn't realized those keywords fit that scene so perfectly.

  3. Cute, Jason. Couldn't stop thinking of The Princess and the Frog. :)

    Here's mine:


    She blew out the last of her air bubbles, sat flat at the bottom of the pool, and looked up at the glassy counterfeit sky ten feet above. The ripples across the water looked like dancing hula-hoops. Or else the 7 concentric circles of Hell. She wasn’t really sure. Her lungs began to tighten and burn. A yellowgreen frog float slowly sailed overhead casting an intimidating shadow on the pool floor like a German dirigible at twilight. She swallowed what breath remained. Her heartbeat pounding now behind her eyeballs. Trying desperately to drown out the muffled sounds of her mother’s screams.