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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

101-Word Stupor -- The Eskimo Under My Bed

Keywords: Clarinet, Wrestling, Eskimo 

There's an Eskimo under my bed. No, don't peek; he hates that. Every night I put on my jammies then lull him to sleep with my clarinet ("Ode to Joy" -- he loves that one). Mommy thinks I'm practicing for music class. Sometimes I hear him sobbing; he misses the taste of baby seal. Well, I've never seen one at school or on my paper route, and my encyclopedia says they're slippery. The idea of wrestling one? Gross. Yesterday I fed him tuna and said it was baby seal. But he knew the difference. I mean, come on, he's an Eskimo. 

Preview for tomorrow: Counterfeit, Frog, Dirigible 


  1. It started with a playground. Slides made for two, swings, jungle gyms and springy horsies. 40 new kids, wrestling with the moment when their mommy or daddy dropped them in this pen, gave them a reassuring kiss and ensured they would see them later.

    It started with a room. Jackets made for Eskimos lining the coat rack. An old piano, guitar and clarinet in the corner, and cartoon themed lunchboxes stacked on the table, near the door. The smells of floor wax, paste and construction paper creating a unique potpourri.

    It started with a smile.

    “Hi, my name is Angela.”


  2. I completely visualized kindergarten there. Mrs. Bunch spanking all the kids, and everyone's bad trajectory in the boy's lavatory. Nice job!

  3. Yay, finally a happy story from you honey!


    They sat on the curb, arm in arm. Pinky toes wrestling on the asphalt. The sun warmed their glistening summer skin like the sugar-toasted top on a perfect crème brulee. They could hear the music blaring. Just around the corner the crowd began to stand. They leaned in at exactly the same moment to take a bite of the Eskimo Pie. Their eyes met. Their foreheads bumped. The flag girls swept by, followed swiftly by the flutes and clarinets, humming and buzzing right into their moment. The world stopped spinning. The ice cream puddled at their feet. And then they kissed.