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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

101-Word Stupor -- Bending Metal

Shh. Be very quiet. My job is to kill talking rabbits. Hey, there's a big one! A biped, even. I give chase until it dives into a hole. I want to yell, but my speech impediment, you see… It's embarrassing. I thrust my double-barreled shotgun into the rabbit's home. As I do, something emerges from the hole behind me. Even with my doctorate in physics, I don't make the connection. "Got you now!" I fire the gun. Buckshot sprays from both barrels, dislodging half my skull. My prey chomps a carrot, smiles and asks me what's up. Ooh, I hate rabbits. 

Keywords: buckshot, biped, skull

Have at it!

Preview for tomorrow: gobble, milk, September

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