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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 101-Word Daily Stupor

As the release date for Rogue's Curse looms (8/16), I need to whore it up big time.  So for the next two weeks, I will write one 101-word story a day. Not one word more, not one word less (excluding title). Feel free to play along at home. 

Here's how to play: 
Each story will contain 3 keywords (ie. Pickle, Happenstance, Diaper). Write your own story incorporating these words, then post that sumbitch as a comment. You can choose any day and any set of keywords, just keep your gem at 101. 

I will highlight the best contributions on my blog. 
(And, um, keep it PG-ish, please. My aunt in Nebraska reads this…)

I've received many (none) questions; so here's a FAQ. 


Tell me about the 101-Word Daily Stupor
Every day from 8/3/10 - 8/16/10, I will post a story that is 101 words long: not one more, not one less. 

Why are you doing this?
Because I'm desperate. And it's fun.

Can others contribute?
Of course! Post your own 101-word story in the comments using the 3 keywords provided.

Can others provide keywords?
Yes! Post them in comments. 

Isn't this just a gimmick?
Well… I suppose—

Why should I care?
I never said—

What time are you coming home?
I told you. I'm a grown-ass man. Back off.

When is your little book coming out, Jason?
Sigh. My little book comes out on August 16th.

Where's the money you owe me?
I'm good for it. 

What if nobody comments?
I can count my readership on one hand, so my expectations are low. I'll be giddy if I get more than two.

You suck.
Thank you. Now pay me.

1 comment:

  1. You are a dirty, dirty whore.

    And I may give this a shot. (Although not today. I'm about to fall over.) With how much I slash your writing apart, it's only fair I let you do the same to me.