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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ain't no cupboard locked enough

My 20 month old daughter has decided that all of my personal hygiene items are Public Domain. Think of the most personal item you use for hygiene. Now imagine that whenever you need that particular item, your daughter is running around the house with it. When your friends and family visit, she must bring out the item for all to view. She tries to open it, the dog tries to eat it and you just hope the mailman outside your window can't see you running around naked chasing a Chinese baby waving your much needed "Container" around.

So you try to find a safe location for the container - someplace out of her reach. Good luck with that one. She scoffs at any attempt to "keep it out of her reach". One day I put the item back in the bathroom medicine cabinet, away from baby's outstretched arms. Or so I thought. Later in the day, I couldn't find the kid. Uh-oh. What's she getting into now? I walked to the bathroom and - Remember that scene from Mission Impossible when Ving Raymes is lowering Tom Cruise into a heavily secured computer room by some industrial strength string? I swear I saw a bald black dude lowering my 25 pound baby on a harness toward the medicine cabinet.

Ain't no cabinet high enough. Ain't no cupboard locked enough. Good luck keeping personal items personal for a long time to come.

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